Craig Silvey - Honeybee

HoneyBee - Craig Silvey


Claire - September 2020


There is always a sense of apprehension and doubt starting a book such as this, which carries a decade’s weight of expectation. Jasper Jones left enormous shoes to fill, and whilst the premise of Honeybee is entirely different, it reaffirms Silvey’s talent for crafting an Australian narrative that will stand the test of time. It is a searingly honest depiction of a young person’s pain and struggle to reconcile their identity whilst experiencing immense pressure to embody someone they are not. Capturing the complexity of grief, familial love and the potential to be led astray by torn loyalties and addiction, this is a novel which at its core reveals the validation which comes from finally being seen and accepted as your true self. Just like its predecessor, Honeybee is a story which urges you to open your mind and your heart, and perhaps see a little more clearly as you walk in the shoes of another.


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